Archive for October 9, 2009

The second of the Cahuac Cycle short stories has been finished off and upoaded now.

This one is called Wolf and the Stars, and is a little different than the other three in that, though it features Cahuac, it doesn’t revolve around him.

I think it should be obvious what the story is referring too, but it is the kind of thing that would be explained in mythological creation stories.


The third short story of the series of mythological fantasy tales about Cahauc has been added to the site and to smashwords.

This one is called Cahuac and the Bees and follows on from the events of the first two, though is still a stand alone story.

In this one Cahuac must find out why the flowers are no longer growing which is stopping the bees producing their bounty of sweet honey. Cahuac’s journey takes him places both new as well as familiar.

A fourth story for the collection is close to being finished as well.