Making good progress on the rewrite of Tears of the Mountain so far, hitting 5400 words already. Feels like I’m making decent progress, though there is still a long way to go. I’m adding a excerpt from early on in the story – this is still the first rewrite so hasn’t been polished yet, and to me at least it feels like it still needs a decent amount of polish put on.

Walking down the path that lead to the doorway with its supporting peacocks, the rain mizzling down around him, the man rapped on it twice with his knuckles, quickly and quietly. No reply was immediately forthcoming and after a short wait he was about to knock again when the door finally opened a fraction. A beam of warm light spilled through the gap it out into the dark, wet night. The silhouette of a head appeared in the crack.

“Yes, what?” it asked brusquely in a rough voice.

“It is Sanjhar,” the man out in the rain replied. “I have news.” The door was opened quickly in response and Sanjhar stepped in, the door just as quickly shut and bolted behind him once he was inside. There was only one other man in the entrance parlour, a villainous looking man with a shaved head, a long curved knife shoved through the sash around his waist and in one hand a cocked flintlock pistol. He eased off the flint and pushed the pistol into his sash which was tied over a knee-length sleeveless grey tunic. Sanjhar turned away from the gaze of the dark eyed man who had been studying him with almost contemptuous hostility.


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