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Well, sort of.

I went to bed last night mulling over a few ideas and thoughts about the story. When I woke this morning there was the gleaming of a scene taking form and by the time I got up it was fully realised. Not sure where it came from, perhaps the subconscious piecing together bits of ideas that were swirling around.

It wasn’t anything major, just a single paragraph scene, but it fitted in nicely and spurred a few other ideas into existence for other parts of the story.

While it is no Kubla Khan, it was certainly unusual for it to arise this way.



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I’ve started doing some more updates to the website, fleshing out some of the pages and information contained within.

This will likely continue over a period of time.

The main two parts that have been, and will continue to be, worked on are the Tears of the Mountain and The Worlds of Mist and Shadows pages.