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Primal vs Intellectual

Posted: May 13, 2009 in General

This post is, in a way, related to the previous post I made, on Dwarves vs Elves, though it goes beyond that.

There are a number of never ending debates out there. Some, such as Cats vs Dogs, are fairly widely known, whilst others are more localised and often unknown outside the more geekish elements of culture. These are things like Dwarves vs Elves, Werewolves vs Vampires, Pirates vs Ninjas.

I have a theory, though it has yet to be tested, that if you were to ask someone who they favoured, Cats or Dogs, you could pick with a fair degree of certainty their answers in the other debates.

Lets list a few and see what you choose.
Cats vs Dogs
Dwarves vs Elves
Pirates vs Ninjas
Werewolves vs Vampires
Romulans vs Klingons
Narn vs Centauri
Horde vs Alliance
Swords vs Sorcery

My theory is that if you went with dogs, you would be more likely to choose Dwarves, Pirates, Werewolves, Klingons, Narn, Horde and Swods. On the other side a cat person would be more likely to go for Elves, Vampires, Romulans, Centauri, Alliance and Sorcery. In my case I am a dog person and went every single choice on the dog side.

In thinking about his I labeled this as a debate between primal and intellectual.

The primal side is the wild side, doers, not thinkers. They react on instinct, are fierce and proud and often rely on brute force and ignorance to solve things.

The intellectual side is the exact opposite. It is the side of the thinkers, the refined and cultured types who prefer to plan and plot before acting.

Of course the primal side can go to far, becoming bloodthirsty and barbaric, yet on the other hand the intellectuals can become arrogant, spiteful, and petty.

And the worse villains. A primal villain will simply kill you. An intellectual villain is likely to take sadistic pleasure in victory and prolong the torment to let you know just who has won.

At least, that is my theory.