Archive for May 8, 2009

Been a couple of weeks since an update – bad me.  Once more very little progress to be noted in actual writing terms, but I have been doign some planning, so it hasn’t been totally devoid of anything.

But enough is enough.  It has been about a month since the rough draft of Winter Wolves was completed and I have very little to show since then.  Time to get stuck back into it

I am, for the next little while at least, going to be working on some short stories.  I have four that need tidying up and ideas for a bunch more.  I want to get them done and out there as a kind of background introduction to the world of the novels, as well as to hopefully attract some interest.

I also want to try and daily add to this blog with post of general interest (at least to me).  That is another aspect I have slacked off from.