Week in Review: Week Nine 2009

Posted: March 5, 2009 in writing update
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Another somewhat mediocre week to report, alas.

Part of that was due to the weekend being taken out as a chance to write – it was taken up by a major garden renovation. My brother, some friends and myself turned the backyard into something of a construction site – a lot of fun, hard work but not very conducive to getting writing done.

Of course, there is my own general inability to concentrate properly and not get distracted. I must really work on that.

Still, in spite of all that I did managed to get a couple of things done – Chapter Five of Winter Wolves has been written, albeit with much work needed, and also the Cahuac and the Sun short story got a rewrite and polish up. It may need a little more work but in general I am happy with it now. I haven’t put the new version up on the site yet – that will happen a later on.


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