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Bioware have put out a very short teaser for Mass Effect 3, the final part of the Mass Effect game trilogy.

Can’t wait.

After a bit of a break, the next musical interlude is winging its way to you.

Both these pieces – The End Run and Suicide Mission – come from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.

Suicide Mission

The End Run

Both pieces are suitable epic for the ME2 game. The odd thing is that I’m still trying to judge the game itself. It made some marked improvements over the first game, especially with the removal of the elevators, and has one of the best computer game characters you’ll meet, the awesome Mordin Solus, but I am still uncertain as to which of the two I prefer. I’m not sure of the exact problem I may or may not have with ME2, but a big part is probably due to working with Cerberus, whose actions in the first instalment of the game had them marked for death with extreme prejudice.