Million Word Challenge: Week One

Posted: January 8, 2014 in writing, writing update
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We are already one week down in the new year, and so one week into the million words in a year challenge.  And so far I am doing better than expected.

For the week, I was aiming to do the following;

Block 1: 3500 words (Setting Document)

Block 2: 7000 words (New Drafts)

Block 3: 10500 words (Rewrites)

Total: 21000 words

What I did was;

Block 1: 3897 words

Block 2: 7218 words

Block 3: 19685 words

Total: 30800 words.


As you an see I exceeded all the targets and currently have almost 10000 words in the bank for slower days – and they will come.  Being on holidays does give more time to write than normal.

  1. 1MM words is an ambitious goal to say the least. Good luck to you. you certainly have a good start.

  2. qorvus says:

    The trick is of course to keep it up.

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