And here we are in March already – two months of the year gone.

The output was reduced a lot compared to January, only around 50-60K done, but a lot of time was spent finishing Winter Wolves, proof-reading it and publishing it on Amazon/Smashwords.

The givewaway of Winter Wolves has slowed down some, but has now hit 101 people having acquired it. No reviews yet but three people have said that they will at some stage.

Sales wise, between the two novels I managed 15 sales for the month. Not a huge amount, but it is a start. Of those 6 were of Winter Wolves, so I’ll have to calculate how much goes towards supporting my sister – that one of them was on and is listed in pence makes it more challenging.

I didn’t hit all my goals – a fair way off it actually, but it was a decent month still.

Aims for March. Work on He Stands Between, Dawn of Wolves, Hammer of the Skies and a novelette for another project. Aim is to try and finish one of the first three and the novelette.

  1. Willie Wit says:

    Hi , have just started Winter Wolves , a third in and enjoying it . Noticed a couple of typos –

    I have nothing to `loose` and everything to gain , here , professor

    let us just `sat` that this time
    (this is the last sentence in the first chapter if it helps)

    Will review when finished

    All the best

  2. qorvus says:

    Thanks – glad you are liking it.

    You know, you spend two full days very carefully going over the story and you still miss typos :/

    I need to go through both novels – again – and fix any that seeped though on previous goes through.

  3. Willie Wit says:

    and another little one .
    location 2119 of 4826
    you used the word `desert` instead of `deserters`
    right at the end of part one.


  4. qorvus says:

    Thanks – I’ll fix it up for the next upload.

  5. Willie Wit says:

    `loose` them in battle
    2617 of 4826

    given `amble` warning
    2845 of 4826

    no `mater` how much
    3116 of 4826

    3455 of 4826
    3583 of 4826
    `loosing` instead of losing


  6. qorvus says:

    Now you are making me depressed at how many got through :/

  7. Willie Wit says:

    ..oh dear

    Harry still wondered `abut`
    3982 of 4826

    jets of steam blasted from `fissured`
    4549 of 4826

    Finished and enjoyed , will revie


  8. qorvus says:

    I saw your review was up – thanks for that – and was surprised that you haven’t read any fantasy before. Mine isn’t exactly your normal fantasy to begin with.

    Now to fix those errors and upload new copies.

  9. Willie Wit says:

    cool , feel free to delete all of these posts if you like .


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