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And we have completed day two of NaNoWriMo. The total word count to date stands at 4433, which is ahead of schedule to hit the 50,000 word mark.

Of course there will be days when life gets in the way and you can’t get much or anything done and so a buffer is needed.

So far that word counts includes the prologue, chapter one and part of chapter three. Yes, the chapters aren’t very long – yet. My plan for NaNoWriMo is to write the rough first draft of the novel and not worry about the polish or the like. I’ll do that later. For me I find it much easier to do a rough draft that is about half the length of the story and when I do the polishing and rewriting I fill the story out. Rewrites seem to double the length of my stories by adding all the detail and descriptions that were missing in the rough draft.

The rough draft is a skeleton – it may mention that there is a small town by the sea and that is about it. The rewrite adds flavour to it, mentioning any notable landmarks, styles of buildings, hints of people living there and what they do and things like that. The village may turn out to be build on cliffs overlooking the sea, the houses wood and thatch and exist by farming. Or it may be on a bay with stone buildings and gets by on fishing and trade.

Normally until rewrite I don’t know details like that.