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A New Look

Posted: September 18, 2010 in General

As you may have noticed the blog has a brand new look – for a brand new start.

I’m still fiddling with the layout so there may be some more minor changes to come.

The links to pages at the top of the blog also have drop down menus available – these also need some work.

Its been a bit since I last posted on here – got kind of sidetracked with others things.

I’ve got a couple of things planned to do soon ™.

First is to get The Tears of the Mountain tidied up enough and start shopping it around.

The other, and bigger, project is to do a revamp of all the short stories completed to date and collated them into single volumes and give them proper covers. This is mostly for Smashwords purposes, to clean up all the stories over there and maybe give people a reason to purchase them, though a number of stand alone stories will remain by themselves (and free).

The four collations will be Cara’s Choice, The Cahuac Cycle, Primal Tales and Nhaqosa’s stories.