A New Year

Posted: January 1, 2010 in General
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And here we are at the start of another year – where did that last one go?

New Years Eve was interesting. The day was stinking hot – 38C (around 100F for those not in the modern world yet.) For here that is hot. Never really cooled down either and is still quite warm this evening. Evening started off with a domestic down the road that led to the police turning up – later on, towards midnight I thought another one was going to start up in another part of the street.

There were fireworks down on the water, but nature provided a far more spectacular display. A thunder storm swept in over the mountain, lighting up the sky. At first you couldn’t see the lightning as it was hidden by the clouds, but you could see the glow from each strike reflecting across the whole sky. Later on there was an almighty bang right above and the skies opened up in a deluge for a few minutes. it cooled things slightly, but not completely. I’d turned off computers and TV by this stage just to be sure and then had to spend the next hour or so looking after my brother’s puppy who was going through his first thunderstorm and got a little agitated. He wasn’t too bad about it, but didn’t jump out of my arms after 15 seconds like normal. He just needed reassuring I guess and eventually settled down.

So that is the last year and a new pone begun. Looking back, my resolutions for last year were kind of epic fail, especially in regards to my writing. The last couple of months saw almost nothing done. I think this year I’ll stick clear of resolutions, but instead go with intentions. At least last year I discovered how not to write a book – this year hopefully I discover how actually to write one.


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