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Been a few days since I last posted, so just popping in to do a bit of an update.

After starting off the month in a blaze, the output has been slowing down but I am now at around 40K written on the first rough draft of Tears of the Mountain. I had expected to be writing the main battle by now, but events kept coming up pushing that back – funny how that happens. Not sure now when the draft will be finished – except sometime this month.

Will try and get back in to the swing of posting soon as well.


Well, sort of.

I went to bed last night mulling over a few ideas and thoughts about the story. When I woke this morning there was the gleaming of a scene taking form and by the time I got up it was fully realised. Not sure where it came from, perhaps the subconscious piecing together bits of ideas that were swirling around.

It wasn’t anything major, just a single paragraph scene, but it fitted in nicely and spurred a few other ideas into existence for other parts of the story.

While it is no Kubla Khan, it was certainly unusual for it to arise this way.


Posted: September 2, 2009 in General
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I’ve started doing some more updates to the website, fleshing out some of the pages and information contained within.

This will likely continue over a period of time.

The main two parts that have been, and will continue to be, worked on are the Tears of the Mountain and The Worlds of Mist and Shadows pages.

August is over and we are now two thirds of the way through the year. Where does the time go?

After a very slow start, I managed to complete about 38,500 words of writing over August, almost 20,000 less than July, but still a reasonable amount of writing.

Four more works were uploaded to the collection over August; Gifts and Sacrifices, Cara’s Choice Part Three, Long Lost Relics and Echoes of Dark Reflections. Admittedly most of the work for them had been done prior to August, but editing and posting of them was done in August.

The work on the rough first draft of Tears of the Mountain continues to come along, now at 31,500 words. The main plot line has been finished and I’m starting on finishing the draft of the secondary plot line and then the ending of it. Once that is done, then it is on with the rewrite and there is a lot to rewrite.

Plans for September are to complete the rough first draft of Tears of the Mountain and then get stuck into the rewrite. In addition I want to complete Cara’s Choice Part Four, the next Primal Tales short story with Braega and Tudhala and, if time permits, another short Sci-Fi short story with Ray the Android.