Progress, for whatever reason, has been a little slow this month. The last 2 days have seen around 25% of the work done and the 75% over the last week. At least it is picking up a bit.

I’ve managed to get 20K done so far on the rough, rough draft of Tears of the Mountain, and am about halfway through the plot points. Oddly the story isn’t halfway through though. The group has been travelling for just a week with three more to go to reach their destination and have just started their first minor fight. There was a brief scuffle at one stage earlier on, but that doesn’t classify as a fight. And I still have et to do three more minor fights, a naval battle and a major land battle. Or start working on the subplot. I had hoped to complete the rough draft by the end of the month, but that may not happen.

In other news, somehow I’ve managed almost nine hundred downloads on Smashwords, and have somehow snuck up to #11 on the most viewed author over the last 3 months there. Of course, many of those others are trying to sell their books and I’m just giving it out for free, so that is certain to skew numbers in my favour.


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