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Day Two

Posted: November 25, 2008 in writing update
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Second days work has concluded for now, and only 2200 words were done, a bit less than I would have hoped for. In excuse I could claim that I did also set this site up and did some weeding in the garden.

Starting to get back into the swing of things now and hopefully see a pick up tomorrow.

First Short Story Up

Posted: November 25, 2008 in book of deeds
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I have posted up my first short story. I hope to add one at least each fortnight, but we shall see what we shall see. For now enjoy this first story, though it still is in rather a rough form.

Cahuac and the Sun

Day One

Posted: November 25, 2008 in writing update
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The first day of serious writing has occurred. In the end clocked in around 3000 words written, mostly in the form of a rough draft. The aim is to keep up that pace from now on. I’ll keep a running tally here as I go along.

The Grand Adventure…

Posted: November 24, 2008 in General

This site is now in existence, but little more to date, alas. As more time comes to hand it will be elaborated on. Stay tuned for more.

Expect rapid and unexpected changes in the first little while as I bed down what exactly I want from this site.