Archive for November 30, 2008

Saturday was pretty much a write off – too many other things needed doing and prevented anything more that a little reviewing of plot ideas for the tentatively titled ‘Winter Wolves’.

Still, looking back over the week it wasn’t too bad a start for the first week dedicated to writing. Around 12,700 words in five days. Probably more than that, as I only really count the total at the end of the day and that discounts anything that had been re-written during the day. Of course around 8000 of those words were for the currently shelved ‘Twilight of the Wolves’.

For the first week it was a good, learning process. Next week, hopefully, will see an improvement as I learn from lessons from this weeks work. By the end of next week I hope to the alpha plot of ‘Winter Wolves’ finished and ready to go flesh out, and also to have more of ‘The Bronze Man’ polished up ready to add to the site.

Update:  Managed to sit down Sunday afternoon for a while.  Cranked out around 1500 word, so the weekend didn’t end on a complete loss.