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It has been a while since I last added a short story to the collection, but the next one is finally done and now available.

The Painted Ones is the sequel to The Hall of Black Trees , set in a savage and primal world and following the story of the human hunter Braega, his marsupial lion companion Alia and the the small lizardman Tudhala. Braega has not yet recovered from the events of the previous story and during their travels they meet the a mysterious woman with some dark secrets and the savage inhuman Painted Ones.

Got a couple more short stories in the works that I hope to have up soon as well.

The third short story of the series of mythological fantasy tales about Cahauc has been added to the site and to smashwords.

This one is called Cahuac and the Bees and follows on from the events of the first two, though is still a stand alone story.

In this one Cahuac must find out why the flowers are no longer growing which is stopping the bees producing their bounty of sweet honey. Cahuac’s journey takes him places both new as well as familiar.

A fourth story for the collection is close to being finished as well.

Was surprised when I did a count of the number of downloads of the various Pure Escapism short stories on Smashwords to discover there have been almost 1700 to date. Which would imply a few people are reading my stories – or at least starting to read them.

The Hall of Black Trees is to date the most popular of the downloads, narrowly ahead of The Pit. The various parts of Cara’s Choice are the ones most linked in member’s libraries – though there is no way to see who has linked them sadly.

Not a huge amount of feedback, but you can’t have everything.

Been a while since I last finished a short story to upload – need to do so soon.

As I have mentioned before, I’ve been putting the Pure Escapism short stories up on Smashwords as well as being able to download them directly from here.

Recently Smashwords have added a top 100 category, showing the 100 most downloaded stories on the site. Of those 100, 84 are free – hardly surprising really. Nothing of mine is in there yet, but with time perhaps..

There was also another category – top 25 most viewed authors. I was more than a little surprised to spot that, at the time of this posting, I had made the list at #21 for the last 30 days. It was a bizarre feeling to see it there. Admittedly it may be because I split the volumes up into their individual stories and so to read them all you need to download them four times instead of one.

Nevertheless, it does mean that people are downloading them. And hopefully enjoying them as well.