The Bronze Man


Fierce Chelosian sea-raiders descend upon the simple bronze-age village of Rath Arn and the villagers there are left with a stark choice – die free or live as slaves. But Rath Arn is the home of the mighty hero Awn the Red, and he leads the villagers in seeking to delay the far more numerous foe until help arrives.


The Bronze Man Smashwords Page


9700 words

Background Notes:

This story started as two completely separate ideas.

The first, though it gives the name to the story, is really a minor part of the story. The Bronze Man, the statue raised at the end of the story, started as a minor almost throw away line in a long abandoned story. Two characters were talking and during their conversation they discussed the Bronze Man, one of the characters expressing his disappointment that he never had a chance to see it.

The second part was a character that popped up in my mind one day – Awn the Red – and in his rather indomitable and brash way demanded a story to be put in.

As it transpired, the time frame that he existed in coincided with that of the Bronze Man and thus the two ideas came together and practically wrote the plot for me.

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