Gifts and Sacrifices


Before he was a professor, historian and explorer, Halir son of Aenir was a trooper, riding into the smoke and fire against the enemies of the Commonwealth. At the battle of Shiath Atavah, events were to unfold that were to change the course of his life.


Gifts and Sacrifices at Smashwords (V1.2)
Gifts and Sacrifices at Amazon (V1.2)


15,500 words

Background Notes:

From inception to completion, this story took less than a month to finish, of which I am rather proud. The initial concept behind it was to act as a kind of prequel to Tears of the Mountain, the novel currently being worked on, and also to function something like a pilot to the time period of the setting, to hopefully gauge interest in it.

The story takes place prior to the events of Tombs of the Tagosa Kings and Tears of the Mountain and explains how Halir went from being a trooper in the Hussars to being a professor.

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