Dawn of Wolves

When Elraes, newly made Lieutenant of the Queen’s Own Iskaeri Light Infantry, joins his unit on the troubled Tagosan-Nacatori frontier, he does not expect much trouble from the wild horsemen of the arid interior.

That belief is rudely disabused as the Nacatori strike in force, in a manner they have never done before, not as mere raiders, but as trained soldiers.

Heading into the hill country, the Queen’s Own seeks out the enemy as they drew near to a place called Okunde, the last place that the enemy can be held. The fight there could decide the fate of the invasion in the south.

Now available at Amazon.

Notes: The events of Dawn of Wolves take place ten years after Tears of the Mountain, and recount the start of the Frontier War, in which The Tomb of the Tagosa King is set at the back end of. It is also the first part of the Frontier Wolves sub-series in the overall Commonwealth Chronicles series.

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