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I have finished the rewrite of Dawn of Wolves, ending at around 49,000 words, which is slightly over what is normally classified as a novella, but close enough I’ll still call it one.

Now comes the next step – formatting, editing, proof reading and of course cover design.  Hopefully that will not take too long.

For the release I’m going to do something a little different this time around – I’m going to enrol it in the Amazon Kindle Select programme.

Kindle Select is a programme where by it is enrolled in a lending library and Amazon fork up a bunch of money (currently at 500,000 a month).  Those enrolled get a percentage of funds equal to the percentage of loans they make.  In addition you get 5 days per free months where you can offer your book for free.

There is a but through – there is always a but.  Firstly a lot of people are signing up – and it is the big names that will get the most lends.  Secondly, you can’t sell the book anywhere else.  Not even on your own website.  It is for that reason I’m leaving my old books out of it, as they are elsewhere.  This one is going to test it out, to see if it makes much of a difference.

The Hobbit Trailer

Posted: December 22, 2011 in fantasy, General, Movies
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The Hobbit trailer is out!  Of course now we have a 51 week wait until we can watch it, so in the meantime keep hitting replay.  And then we have to wait another year for the second part.

One of the memorable things about the book is that it has a lot of songs and poetry, and by the prominent way one of them is part of the trailer, it would seem that they have included them in the movie.

The re-edit of Tears of the Mountain is now done, fixing up various little grammatical and spelling errors that hadn’t been caught previously. It also now has its new cover. The edited version is now up and working on Smashwords and is currently being published on Amazon, so should be ready to go in a day or two.

Now to start on Winter Wolves.

I’ve finally got the re-edits of all the short stories completed and now have the hard part to go – the re-edit of the two novels. The first, Tears of the Mountain, will be the easiest given it is just a grammar/spelling check, but Winter Wolves will take a while longer as there is a large section I want to rewrite, given I was never entirely happy with it.

In the meantime I have to finish working on some new covers. I have some done so far, but there are plenty more to update to the new and improved style. Here are the ones done so far.

And finally, when that is all done, I can return to the 2/3rds done Dawn of Wolves.

The third pair of novelettes in The Chronicles of the White Bull collection is finally done and published. I’d been wavering on them for some time before deciding to just go ahead with it. Entitled Legions of the Sand & Night’s of Fire, it can be found at Smashwords or Amazon. As can be seen it has an improved cover over the previous books – they will be getting an upgrade shortly to match the new one.

So far I am about half way through the editing of all the old short stories. Once that is done it will be time to give them new covers, and then it is back to working on Dawn of Wolves and also the re-edit of the two novels. And then it will be time to go into the collection of other story ideas to find new ones to work on.

Just an update on the process of re-editing all the old stories – so far two have been done. The Tomb of the Tagosa Kings and The Adventures of Ray the Robot have now had a go over trying to fix any errors that fell through the cracks previous times. I also gave The Adventures of Ray the Robot a new and slightly improved cover.

The other stories will slowly get the same editing process.

Also, the next two Nhaqosa short stories are getting close to being finished, and after that it will be time to finish Dawn of Wolves.

If you head over to Peter Jackson’s facebook page, he has added further material relating to the upcoming The Hobbit movies. In particular are two new production videos, and also photos of all thirteen dwarves – Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, Oin, Gloin, Ori, Nori, Dori, Bifur, Bofur and Bombur – in all their glory.

They are trying for a unique look for each of them, and there is debate about whether all of them are suitably dwarvish, especially regarding beards (or lack of length there of) and especially Kili. He seems to be getting the Legolas treatment, being the ‘pretty’ one of the dwarven band.

Dwarves have always been at the top of my favourite fantasy races (in the top four alongside minotaurs, trolls and phoenixes) so I’m very much looking forward to seeing them in action. It also has me hankering to write something with dwarves in it – proper bearded, hard as nails dwarves.

Received my first review on Amazon for The Pit & The Merchant’s Legacy pairing of short stories since it went up on there for free. Come out of the blue unexpected – and was given 5/5 stars. Hopefully that’ll help stir some more interest – and helps me get on to write the next short stories/novelettes in the series.

Over on Book Brouhaha, a site dedicated to the short story, The Pit got reviewed, receiving 4/5 stars, which is high praise indeed given most short stories reviewed there seem to get a lower rating.

I received an email the other day from Amazon stating that they were going to price match one of my works – in this case The Pit & The Merchant’s Legacy, a collection of the first two fantasy short stories revolving around Nhaqosa the Minotaur. Given it is up currently for free on Smashwords, they were going to offer it for free as well. They do this periodically for a small number of books, so to be selected is a great boon towards getting noticed.

So far, in less than 24 hours, there have been almost 500 downloads. the hope is that it will help generate some reviews and even maybe have a few people buy the follow up pair of novelettes.

It would also seem an ideal time to strike while the iron is hot and try and finish off some more stories for the series – the next two stories I have ideas and plans for, though the aim is to get all 10 done and compiled as soon as possible.