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I’m midway through the rough draft for the new Nhaqosa the minotaur short story, untitled as yet. The very first story I put on this website – The Pit – was about him (though it wasn’t initially meant to be so) and is still one of my favourites.

I’ve just rewatched Gladiator, and doing so reminded me of what it was the inspired The Pit – that and the D&D Dark Sun setting (which at the time hadn’t even been announced as being re-released.)

It got me thinking about Nhaqosa and his story and a few ideas sprung to mind, mostly to do with how he ended up a gladiator to start with, and his life – and fights – in the world, especially about how he came to command such respect amongst the other gladiators. So at some stage I plan to write about that, and explore more the grim nature of the setting he is in.

A couple of years back, when I first started this site (wow, has it been that long?) I also started jotting down short story ideas in various notepads.

That list just keeps getting longer despite some seventeen short stories and seven parts of the Cara’s Choice serial completed.

There are some fourteen ideas in the list, not counting ideas for novels of which dozens more exist.

1) Cara’s Choice; Ideas for the next couple of parts are written up, leading up to the finale of the first novella length story.

2) Nhaqosa; The idea for the next Nhaqosa story has been around for a while – I really need to get back to him, dealing with the aftermath of his injuries and the losses suffered in the last story.

3) Primal Tales III; How is Keturhi going to fit in with Braega and Tudhala now she has been released?

4) The Chariotess; Probably the oldest story on the list still – the idea is around two years old, coming at about the same time as The Bronze Man, but still hasn’t been written.

5) Cahuac; More adventures of the mythic ancestor-hero Cahauc are waiting to be told.

6) Heric’s Rose; This introduces three very important character in the setting; Heric Jennet, Eris Selanos and Remaia. The novels were initially going to be about them but now it seems they have taken a back set and are seen through mentions in other stories.

7) The Isandlwana Incident; A sci-fi story set in a particularly dark sci-fi setting about a first contact gone bad.

8.) The Gehenna Campaign; A follow up to The Isandlwana Incident, it is a series of shorts featuring Colonel Marcus Kalic fighting on a death world planet against a fearsome alien race.

9) The Sky Pirates; A short steampunk story introducing Sir Richard Hammerman, Gentleman Explorer, his colleagues, an airship under attack from sky pirates, coal powered biplanes and much more.

10) The Enchanted Sandcastle; A story I’ve been meaning to write for my young niece and nephew – and if it goes well, the first of a number.

11) Pacifica; A sci-fi story set on the planet Pacifica in a setting I helped develop. 95% water with 98 hour days and high G, it is barely inhabitable and never really developed due to factions that squabble over the constitution. Actually, there are two stories; one about a missing offworlder who goes missing fishing for a known man-eating species that looks like a nine foot prawn and another featuring a merchant ship that comes under attack by pirates.

12) Halir; Another story featuring Professor Halir who continues to crop up just in time for trouble.

13) Post Meltdown; A what-if world that takes place in the New Depression following a worst case economic meltdown. Old and new tech combine as a young man travels this brave new world.

14) Terran Alliance; An introduction to my space opera sci-fi setting which has been kicking around for many, many years.

Now to find the time to write it all.